It is a tool for converting MIDI files into WAV format with enhanced quality

MIDI to WAV Maker is a tool for converting MIDI files into WAV format with enhanced quality. To use this tool you should have a full duplex sound card and DirectX 9.0 or later installed on your system. MIDI formats of sound files are not supported in many tools and players so by using this tool you can get a WAV version of a MIDI file so that you can burn it onto a CD easily with other tools, and listen to it in many players. The volume of the output file can also be adjusted.

MIDI to WAV Maker is also supported by Vista but it has a different interface in Windows Vista compared to other versions of Windows operating system. You are required to set the proper recording device before launching the program on Vista. By default “microphone” and “line in” are enabled recording devices on Vista, which can be seen in a drop down menu of the visual interface. You can select “Wav out MIX” directly from the drop down menu if it appears, or you can enable it by right clicking on the volume icon which appears in the system tray and selecting a recording device. You will see a list of devices and from the list you can enable “Wav out Mix”.

Manoj Goel
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  • Easy to use
  • Output volume level can be set beforehand
  • Provides good quality of output files
  • Conversion is very fast


  • Vista users are required do do some basic setting before launching the program
  • Sometimes the volume of an output file gets distorted
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